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Investors We Serve

  • We are recruiting institutional investors, VC funds, private equity, family offices, angels, syndicates, high net worth individuals and others around the world to consider investing in our clients' projects. 
  • We are also working with crypto hedge funds, crypto VC funds and in general savvy qualified crypto traders that will understand the quality and risks of these offerings. 
  • Corporate development, partnerships, and investments can be matched with our clients' strategic directions. 
  • Attracting and educating traditional institutional investment money for cryptocurrency is one of our goals. Money currently tied up in stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments should consider these investments as an option. 
  • We believe our timing is perfect as a normal regulatory roadmap will help bring clarity to the required compliance process.
  • Combine that with the recent introduction as Security Tokens (STO) is an easier way to trade and will help provide confidence to the markets. 

How Digital Asset Markets Work

  • In traditional foreign exchange markets, spreads are determined concentrically: first by inter-bank transactions than by prime brokers who place high-volume trades on behalf of smaller brokerages. 
  • Traders, attempting to take advantage of fluctuations between currency pairs, work directly with brokers, who either act as market makers or route orders to prime brokers. 
  • Digital asset markets operate much differently from this model. Institutional participation is growing but only makes up a small percentage of aggregate trading activity today. Traders or commercial entities typically place orders directly on exchanges, and spreads are determined almost wholly by this market activity. 
  • In the case of tokens with a global market (​e.g.​ bitcoin), traders are serviced by a number of exchanges and may trade across a variety of national or digital currencies. Trading activity arises from a variety of participants: professional traders, market makers acting on behalf of funds or high-net-worth clients, B2B transfer agents, and bitcoin service companies (​i.e. ​merchant or remittance solutions). 
  • Proprietary tokens (Life Sciences Capital member companies) will typically trade against fewer currencies or assets and will be serviced by our exchange and a handful of other exchanges.  

Exchange Technology

  • Our goal is to provide investors and traders with a stable, high-performance, and intuitive platform that meets your needs.
  • Seamless – Portal allowing for the user-friendly on-boarding of investors.
  • Compliant Issuance Services
  • Cloud-based platform allowing for the issuance of compliant tokenized securities to eligible investors
  • Compliant – integrated KYC and AML checks and blockchain investor identities created 
  • Universal – access our network of distribution partners to ensure maximum exposure
  • Blockchain solutions to facilitate the compliant ownership transfer of tokenized securities 
  • Interoperable – interoperable with wallets, exchanges, and identity providers 
  • Global – issue security token offering to a global investor base
  • Decentralized – benefit from our trade validation system 
  • Rights transfer – fully tested smart contracts allow for the real transfer of ownership
  • Securities servicing solutions
  • Ongoing software solutions for issuers and investors to manage tokenized securities after the issuance 
  • Control – manage investors and perform corporate actions such as dividend payments from revenue participation notes
  • Transparent – easily audit trails and operational reporting through open source blockchain standards
  • Communicate –  Communicate with participants via the investor portal

Exchange Features-From the User Perspective

  • The platform consists of multiple modules and embedded systems. 
  • Advanced charting features
  • Technical analysis tools
  • Portfolio overview and management
  • Almost instant operations
  • Multi-window and monitor widgets for advanced traders
  • Real-time alerts, smart notifications
  • Quote widget with live tick charts
  • Multi-asset trading

Exchange Features-From the Architectural View

  • Microservice architecture
  • Most popular trading protocols, REST, Websockets
  • Fast order execution up to 2,200,000 TX/sec

Investor FAQs

Please review this FAQ list or contact us directly. 


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