Services We Provide

White Paper Development


  • Life Sciences Capital, Inc. writes White Papers for clients. A White Paper is a crypto business plan. It takes your current business plan and then connects the crypto story around token economics and the technical plan.  
  •  It is uniquely important to your fundraising in an ICO because the market has been conditioned to expect large discounts for getting in early in an ICO. In the past, this White Paper was about the only thing investors had to make a judgment on whether to invest or not and many ICO in 2013-2016 were simply ideas and little traction yet. 
  • Now there must be a real business but the importance on the White Paper is still strong as the first doc investors see.

Company ICO Launch Services


  • Life Sciences Capital is a launching a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. 
  • We enable Blockchain entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize their ideas via full ICO services (technical, financial, legal, sales & marketing) as well as post-ICO services. “We launch ICO’s”.
  • Our strategic advisory services help clients in building the Blockchain product roadmap, initial proof of concept, white paper and building a plan for market adoption.
  • Our suite of solutions includes TokenSale (ICO), Smart Contracts development and deployment, ICO cabinets and best practices in token sales campaigns.
  • We are also hired to help with post-ICO activities and ongoing support.

Token Economics


  • Token economics refers to the study, design, and implementation of economic systems based on blockchain technology. Every blockchain platform and blockchain application has its own token economic model.
  • Cryptocurrencies allow for much more than simple fundraising. They make the construction of entirely new business and governance models possible. Token economics is about blockchain models in which the related digital tokens play a pivotal role in the exchange of value.

Key characteristics of a successful ICO:

  • The issued token must add value to the project.  
  • The price of the token is based on the basic principles of economics, such as the law of demand and fair value. Token price appreciation expectations must have a sound economic rationale.
  • The token price that is set has to match the market, value proposed and be believable to a large group of investors. 

Investor Relations


  • If you take investment from a large number of outside investors you need to have investor relations. Our company can provide those outsourced services supporting your company.
  • We provide exceptional company and investor onboarding, education and ongoing support with confidence and support critical compliance requirements.
  • Our investor relations team ensures companies and investors get off to a fast start in a trusting relationship.  

Corporate Innovation


  • Innovation is an often used word in corporate America. But for the best and largest companies how do you, "catch lightning in a bottle" and then deploy that in your organization or monetize outside your company?
  • At Life Sciences Capital, Inc. we are working on fundamental changes in Fintech and life sciences. Interested to be an observer or jump in to see how we can help deliver on what is in that bottle? 
  • We have corporate innovation programs that are insightful, cost-effective and targeted.

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How We Attract Investors


  • We have over 125 steps to attract investors through our process.
  • Our personal and professional relationships in the US and around the world.
  • Social Media/Community Building
  • PR
  • Traffic Campaigns
  • Website Advisory Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Analytics
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Tracker Listing Management
  • US and international investor roadshows